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Hydro Therapy
Hydro Therapy


Making a spalsh in Shoreham!!!

Quoted directly from wikipeadia “Canine hydrotherapy is a form of hydrotherapy directed at the treatment of chronic conditions, post-operative recovery, and pre-operative or general fitness in dogs.” “

A number of conditions in dogs may be aggravated by or may show slow or no improvement as a result of weight bearing exercise. Among these are hip dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), conditions most common in medium to large purebred dogs, such as German Shepherds, Labradors or Golden Retrievers; chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy (CDRM), a degenerative disease of the spinal cord which causes hind limb problems in German Shepherds; and luxating patella which is seen predominantly in small and toy breeds.

Injuries to the cruciate ligament or other ligaments may make post-operative weight-bearing exercise in dogs problematic. Obese dogs, while requiring exercise, may aggravate existing conditions or injure themselves due to the weight exerted on their joints if walked normally.”

The House of Hugo Treatment !!!

Our fantastic brand new 10m hydro pool is right at the back of house of hugo, we specialise in animal hydrotherapy for weight loss, medical requirements or  injuries and of course we offer a swimming service for those dogs that have never had a swim and would like to try it out.

Please take a little look at the pictures below and feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about the service we offer.